Tuesday, March 19, 2024

Azure Automation Hybrid Runbook PSPrivateMetadata missing

Problem: You have a Hybrid Runbook Worker configured with PowerShell 7.2 connected to Azure Automation and a runbook fails to find the Job ID or cannot find the PSPrivateMetadata variable.

Cause: In PowerShell 7.2, it treats the PSPrivateMetadata as an environment variable, so it is in the ENV path.

Resolution: if your 7.2 runbook needs the PSPrivateMetadata, just replace it with $ENV:PSPrivateMetadata. Note that with PS 5.1, you would often get the GUID as $PSPrivateMetadata.JobId.Guid...when you switch to 7.2, it supplies the guid as a string so you only need $ENV:PSPrivateMetadata to get the job id.

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