Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Adding records to SharePoint using MS Access - what about folders?

Situation:  we have some data gathered from SPSS for statistical research and this will be structured when it is spit out as a giant table of data.  We're trying to get all the data into SharePoint for evaluation and review by several departments in the university - which means we've used folders to separate the permissions in the list (this is just a custom list with 60-80 columns for all the data).  Beyond that, we've avoided the use of folders but here's the problem:  how do we import the records of data and place them directly in the appropriate folders?

Thought:  there's several columns that don't normally appear in Access like the "Path" and "Encoded Absolute URL"...if you use a simple query, you can display these columns and create new records here fairly easily...I was hoping that by setting the encoded URL and path that the items would appear in sharepoint in the appropriate folders.  Anyone have any ideas on how to use Access to add records but specify the folder they go in?

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