Friday, October 29, 2010

InfoPath Tutorial updates

Hey everyone,
I just wanted to let you know that I've updated the Introduction and Part 1 of my InfoPath 2007 Tutorial.  I'm sorry it took so long (over a year) to update has been crazy and we've been learning so much about InfoPath and SharePoint 2007 that it's been scary...then we decided to push on to SharePoint 2010 so much of my time has been learning and planning on our 2010 setup.  Once I finish my 2007 tutorial, I'm going to put out a series on InfoPath 2010 so that you will have something for either program.  One thing I do have to say:  you can use InfoPath 2010 to make 2007 browser forms...and dear Lord if you have the opportunity to do that...TAKE IT!  There are a few major improvements in InfoPath 2010 that can be used to drastically cut the amount of time it takes to make a 2007 form.  I look forward to releasing InfoPath Tutorial - Part 2 - Color Schemes and Controls next week.

InfoPath Tutorial - Part 1

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