Thursday, September 23, 2010

Testing IE9 beta and adobe flash player 64-bit testing

Well, I got an email this morning saying that IE9 beta was available for download, so I decided to give it a shot.  I'm running Win7 Enterprise 64-bit on my work laptop and have been wanting to run 64-bit browsers to see if the speed increase would be nice; however, I was shocked to find that Adobe did not have a 64-bit version of flash player - pretty much THE key component in making sure your web experience works (along with java).
Well, Adobe Labs has available their Flash Player codenamed "Square" that is for 64-bit browsers and has specific support for IE9 beta...and guess what?  Not bad, not bad at all.  I loaded up SharePoint, navigated to multiple pages, tested the loading of Explorer view and the client integration between Office and SharePoint and everything came out smooth thus far.  It even advised me of one of my addons that was drastically slowing down my load times within that I forgot I had; so I disabled it and my browsing is a little faster.  I did an Acid3 test and it came out at a 95, not too shabby though the animation was a little choppy.  I didn't even have to load any of the pages in compatibility view.
EDIT:  The address bar was bothering me because it was short and I couldn't find any options for changing the display; all you have to do is mouse over the right edge of the address bar and you can click n drag to widen or shorten the address bar. END EDIT

Anyone else experimenting with IE9 and SharePoint?


  1. Problem: Sharepoint 2010 web site.
    An Out of Box DataView Webpart ( working as a dropdown ) and attached to a column of a list is not working.
    i.e Not able to select an option from this dropdown in IE 9.
    Any inputs on this

  2. Actually, I've had this issue with this very thing lately with SharePoint (and maybe this is your issue, maybe it isn't): IE9 has this thing where it decides whether or not to render new pages or changes to your current page and actually display them. I've been in one SP page and clicked Edit and made a change to a webpart and it just sat there for literally 5 minutes before noting the change - even in compatibility mode. Usually, we're able to get around this by opening a new tab directly to the page we're looking for but it isn't always perfect. Try compatibility view mode first, then try it using Firefox and see if the issue remains - it is also possible that someone removed a parameter or two that messes this up.

  3. its a totally out of box DataView Web part as Drop Down and I am using a javascript to redirect to a page with the dropdown content as Query Parameter.
    Some how... in IE 9 I am not able to select a option from this drop down and by default every time first option is always selected

  4. When you say it's dvwp as a dropdown...are you using it as a select as a single item view or did you do single item form? Also, did you convert the field from the standard "list form" field type to an ASP dropdown box?